Rebuild old parts

Just curious what you do with the scrap parts after a rebuild. Do you throw them in the trash? Is there any worth maybe as scrap? Crankshafts, bearings, etc.

Re: Rebuild old parts

Sell only parts that are serviceable .

Those that are less than useful :

Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date

Copper National Average $1.86/lb Updated 10/09/2019

Steel National Average $90.00/ton Updated 10/09/2019

Aluminum National Average $0.24/lb Updated 10/09/2019

Some guys have barrels for select pieces of scrap and when the price reaches a decent level , they turn the barrel contents in for cash . That generally only happens after years of accumulation .

I got lucky once and had 4 batteries that needed replacement , due to freeze .

I took those batteries to the recycler and they paid me 72 dollars , total .

I replaced those batteries with a single larger battery that cost me 80 dollars .

That single battery lasted 12 years . The new battery I just bought to replace that 8 dollar battery cost me 303 dollars after a good guy 20% discount .

Anyway , you could start a parts collage on your garage wall . ;) (edited)

Re: Rebuild old parts

I've harvested inner and outer races of trashed and blown out sealed bearings for use as axel and hub spacers. Stacking 4 of them worked very well as outer spacers in the rear hubs when doing a few snowflake sealed bearing conversions. Keeps the wheel from hunting laterally.

Re: Rebuild old parts

Copper should be way higher than that.

Re: Rebuild old parts

^ I was thinking the same thing...

Re: Rebuild old parts

> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ^ I was thinking the same thing...

Nope scrape has been very low all year. Thank the orange goblin for that.

Re: Rebuild old parts

^ I thank the orange goblin for nothing, he is a disgrace to the office, however this is how the country works, a decent guy does not always win, fair is fair, majority rules etc. I work in a metal shop so I know a bit about scrap prices, we throw away so much, it is staggering, yet still turn a fine profit, the office people roll Alfa's and Porches, so yeah money is being made, by throw away I do mean it is recycled, but still, we even work with titanium. Spantek, google it. I have no real interest in what we do, but it is close to my apartment, so worth going in, we have excellent insurance too. Scrapping is big business, I know more than a few guys who make a living from it. We dispose of our scrap by the ton. (edited)

Re: Rebuild old parts

On the other side if you dont get rid of stuff you end up like me, porsche transaxels, lotus twin cam blocks, three old historic race cars and more parts then you know what to do with.

Re: Rebuild old parts

I had accumulated so many used moped parts over the years, I finally had a garage giveaway this past May. Got rid of 80% of all my stuff. Unfortunately, the remaining 20% went to a local scrapper.

Re: Rebuild old parts

I try not to keep too many parts, but when you do, keep them organized. So often I'm able to make some shit work for somebody just macguyvering together parts from a few piles of scrap. Its been a big load of fun, I really love when I'm able to build a working carb out of a pile of broken ones

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