Honda Pc 50 help

Peter Swinden /


I have a Honda pc 50 that has no spark.

The engine is free moving and has plenty of compression. The ignition timing point opens and closes (I've checked the owners manual and the ignition point gap and timing is fine.)

I've put a new ignition coil on it (well it was a second hand one that was sold as working) and purchased a new spark plug.

Still no spark. What should I try next? It's really rusty so I'm thinking it could be grounding issue?

Any help would be much appreciated

Re: Honda Pc 50 help

Beach Club Nick /

The very first thing to try with any points ignition system is to file the points. Go to O'Reilly or AutoZone or whatever and buy a points file, file those points. 9/10 times that fixes no spark on a bike that's been sitting

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