Delux Tuning

Hi Everybody,

This is my first post as an introductory post also would like some assistance in tuning My Honda Express Delux. Excuse my noobness :)

I have read a bunch of articles on tuning just cant seem to get it right.

Currently trying to plug chop to adjust mixture at idle. 17.5 idle jet in the vm18 however plug is always carboned up(not wet) just dry carbon.

Question is where do i go from here, smaller jet again or change mixture? Thanks in advance


Shocko Stocko Head Kit 62.5mm

MLM Exhaust

VM18 Carb 17.5 Idle 85 Main

Gates Belt BX31

Performance Clutch

Running pre mix 40:1

Re: Delux Tuning

Are you doing an actual plug chop or are you just looking at your spark plug?

Re: Delux Tuning

Nah just looking at it, black as the ace of spades.

Re: Delux Tuning


Re: Delux Tuning

Maybe try 50:1, which most of us use, rejet slightly smaller and monitor your head temps. New plug too. Having excess carbon can also mean your spark plug’s gap ain’t set right, or your timing could be off. Make sure your ignition is set up properly before you bother tuning the carb.

Re: Delux Tuning

Thanks for the reply, ill give that a try and report back!

Re: Delux Tuning

I usually start by getting the right plug in there, and the right timing, then the right jetting, as long as you are not starting off too fat on the mains where you cannot read anything else because of the carbon.


Re: Delux Tuning

Thanks for the information I haven't had a chance to try anything else on the bike but i will report back. I dont think I can adjust timing on this bike. (edited)


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