premix brackets

Did anyone design any premix container brackets yet? I am just using bungee cords for now but since our group is so large maybe someone can 3d print some brackets to clip onto the seat post or carrier rack. It would come in handy during road trips.

Re: premix brackets

Angry Hipster /

I would just have small fuel can with premixed gas already in it. . or just the oil and then add gas when needed?

Re: premix brackets

Charles McCusker /

kinda tricky to design anything universal without knowing diameters and clearances. every application would be different. 3d printing isn't some magic cure all. learn to 3d model something for your bike or hand fabricate something the good ol fashion way with a hacksaw, grinder, and a drill press.

Re: premix brackets

the buzzards made some little wrap around like woven strng things that you could hang a lil oil tube on the headset. i got 2 and use them often. you can see it hangin on the bars


Re: premix brackets

Small beverage bottle of fuel and a bicycle water bottle holder - DONE!

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