Any Ssr Lazer 5 owners?

Hello. I'm looking on changing my moped oil/fluids and I could see where I need to add the motor oil but don't see anywhere to put the transmission oil? Do this mopeds have a bolt somewhere to changed the fluid? I downloaded the manual already from Ssr and it doesn't says anything about transmission oil. I'm pretty confused. Anyone please help? Thanks.

Re: Any Ssr Lazer 5 owners?

todd amundson /

No trans fluid only oil in those

Re: Any Ssr Lazer 5 owners?

Trans and motor share the same fluid.

Not alot of people own those here, we mainly focus on two stroke vintage mopeds.

Re: Any Ssr Lazer 5 owners?

Double Trouble Dan /

I saw this one a buddy owns. 72cc . does 40+

Looks good from afar , but its still tariff country made.

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