Gettysburg PA rally

Crystal Fraley /

Hello all!! This will be my first rally!!! I'm super excited! I've already signed up. I just wanted to know how it works. I did t see any start time, just an address. I don't want to miss out on anything. Any information would be helpful!! I'm only participating on Saturday. (edited)

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Alrighty guys here’s the official “schedule” moped time applies.


3:30 registration starts. Prospect cam will be at the gate to collect money if you have not paid, he will have a list of all the people that did.

If you pre registered you get a rally pack. Rally packs are not super packed or filled with a bunch of junk for y’all to take home. So they free because we love you’s. Camping is 16 bucks, he will have change but there will be a FIRE SALE to get 8 raffle tickets if you wanna let us keep the remaining 4$ (assuming you give us a 20 like a normal person)

7:00 night ride leaves (this one will probably be on time it’s like 4 hours after reg starts y’all have plenty of time to get here and set up tents)

There is no set route for the night ride were gonna just pick a bar and take a kinda round about route to get there










We’re bringing a kick ball if y’all are into that. They have a lil field.

Mon, 11:54 AM


Nathan Wohlfeil

1:00 “kickstands up!”

Ride is a lovely 70 mile death march passed around 30 most of the time because the battlefield roads are 25mph also thin and windy, there will be other cars present we will be passing (when they are parked) just soak up the amazing views!!!

We should get back to camp around 5:30ish with all the steps and such


Dogs/ veggie dogs

Burgers/ veggie burgers


Ya know cookout stuff.




Bout 30 mins after that,


Party party party

SUNDAY pack yer shit and go home we love ya and hope you have a good time

ALCOHOL: this event is “BYOB”. We’re providing a keg for each night and maybe some more but we encourage yous to bring some too

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Hell ya on some first rally realness! Look for the MOPITT camp and come meet us dude

Re: Gettysburg PA rally

Fucking shoobs outta nowhere. ❤️

Re: Gettysburg PA rally

Look for someone with a wizards patch and they’ll get ya situated!

Re: Gettysburg PA rally

> Matty Boh Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Fucking shoobs outta nowhere. ❤️

if you remember can you grab that 16" tire ?? i gotchur tomos parts. we can do a really shady trade by a nice shady tree

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Thank you Chris for posting the schedule again!crystal we look forward to having you! It’s a fun experience like no other! I hope you’re ready!

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> Wolf Wizard Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Thank you Chris for posting the schedule again!crystal we look forward

> to having you! It’s a fun experience like no other! I hope you’re ready!

np fam. im headed up saturday morning and stopping in frederick to pick up a ct90 for a steal... lol

see ya'll in a few days!

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I can't wait ..... I'm excited this will be my first rally.... 70 miles sounds like an extremely far ride.... I assume we stopped at fueling stations... I only get 30 miles to the

I'm hoping to meet all my brothers and sisters and can talk mopeds until I can't talk anymore.... My wife is ready to hang herself if she hears about one more

Re: Gettysburg PA rally

I will be there Saturday!

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It’s a 70 mile death march for sure but there are two gas stops one in the beginning and one a little past half way. But the views are gorgeous. Soak it In and have fun!

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Crystal Fraley /

Thanks for all the love!! Can't wait to meet everyone!!! My husband got me hooked on ped life! He was spending so much time in the shop, I decided to join him! I'm still learning my stuff but it's a process right!!! See y'all Saturday!!

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