Comedian reps Mopeds

For anyone that listens/watches the Joe Rogan Podcast, stand up comedian Mark Normand was recently on and he does some heavy reppin of the moped life. I messaged him on Instagram to make sure he wasn’t talking about scooters and he confirmed that he has a “1986 Garelli”. I told him to check out MA and to hit Upjet up as he lives in NYC and uses his ped to get to his standup spots quick. He joked about never wearing a helmet on the pod, I told him he should reconsider that fsure. To hear mopeds bein repped on a show with such a wide reach is pretty cool. Look out for him if you live there. Link below for the ep!

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Yea joes a cool guy too

Joe has not had a new pod cast for about 6 days now. It’s killing me (edited)

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Ok Timestamp 57:00 he starts talking about it and later on down the episode he goes back to mentioning peds but I couldn’t find where I’m at work currently

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> MOPITT no nips Al Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Ok Timestamp 57:00 he starts talking about it and later on down the

> episode he goes back to mentioning peds but I couldn’t find where I’m at

> work currently

Well maybe he will see this and maybe even tell joe to get his ass back into the studio!

Joe’s podcast is like a cleaner version of Howard sterns radio show.

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Yeah the free form discussion aspect of it is appealing in this new era of broadcasting.

And yeah! He’s a really busy touring comedian but hopefully he enjoys peds enough to wanna check out MA and at least learn some cool Garelli shit, he’ll need to replace that clutch in no time with all the stop-n-go of NYC traffic

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Angry Hipster /

I wonder if the guys from Moped Monday podcast could call him up or something.

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He sent me a pic of his bike upon request, boy it’s even cooler that he scored THIS gem...


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Lifestyles of the rich and famous!

"Stars are just like you and I. They ride old mopeds, too."

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He was on SiriusXM’s The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder last night talking his monza up, specifically about getting impounded lol. He now has a plate and insurance from what he was sayin. He said he threw a kit on there and is getting close to 50 on the bike. Did he end up contacting any of yinz about his bike? Would be cool if he did the modding himself; but I’m super curious as to which kit he’s running on that bike

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Dirty30 Dillon /

I'm fairly certain that bike was owned by someone else about a month before this thread got started and I repaired the trans and got it running for the previous owner.

Definitely just a stock moped, albeit pretty sweet.

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No way dude that’s sick, yeah idk about him having a kit on it he didn’t seem to have much tuning knowledge when I messaged him, or at least he didn’t want to get into it or something. I wonder if he’s started to lurk around here at all yet. But oh ya man what a dope first moped for ANYONE to have!

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