nos on a moped

Chris Couillard /

i was wondering if any one has every stuck N.O.S on there moped

i think that would be very intresting to see and hear about and im not talk about a 100 shot with a shoot but like a 5 shot

just wondering borred at home and i cant think of anything to write about beside my one moped broken and the other i cant drive yet

Re: nos on a moped

chuck russo va /

people have asked this a 1,000,0000 times and the awnser is always yes and no

yes its possible but no its not a good idea the motors wernt met to take that kinda power

Re: nos on a moped

i was thinking abou

Re: nos on a moped

My friend and I are doing to try to put nos on his honda spree later this week. He got the stuf today so we will see how it goes.

hey GK

chuck russo va /

hey gk i can get u tanks, but they are not cheap. my dad is co owner of a mustang shop so he sells nos kits and installs them and refills the tanks

Re: hey GK

minutemade /

if there are any swap meets in your area thats the place to try drag racers and people are always ditching smaller nos systems for bigger and better.

Re: hey GK

You can have a small propane style can from a benzo torch set filled with nos and mounted on your moped.. all you will need to do is remove the propane labeling from your propane canister and your local import auto store or sometimes even gas comapany can fill up your take with nitrous oxide. A can normaly costs like 20 bucks to fill give or take a few bucks... but you can get the propane style filled for five bucks and that would be easy to strap on to your moped back bracket and hold damn plenty for any use on the ped. The hard part would be find a way to only shoot such a small amount......

hey search for it int he forum and you will find so much talk and theories about nitrous on peds.. I don't think it would help much other then to wear out you ped super fast.... might be fun to play with though.. lol.... good luck brother.. let me know whats up.. not that i'd do it.. just like to see it.

I also don't know how you would compensate all the extra fuel without extra lubracation in a two strock. Sure its not probly more physically.. but nos burns hotter and creates higher rpms at a faster rate ...

and you'll be running a Dry system injecting nitrous stright to the banjor most likley so it wont have the oil with it.. I don't see how to get around this.. Theres no way to have a true Wet system....

I'd like to see a 75 shot on a moped... cannon on wheels.. you could just drive and point your moped at your target...... press your button, blow the head off shooting it at the target...

whip it

how much Nox do those little cannisters that pastry chefs use to charge whip cream cannisters hold? From my drug filled youth I remember that they had a nice 3/8" or 1/2" Npt tap end that could be screwed right into a tube fitting and hose set up.(balloon would be optional:) )

Re: Pure Oxy

I think you'd do just as well feeding it straight oxygen.

Re: whip it

InfectedBootSector /


I saw a dude doing that once...

NOS presents MANY problems on 2 strokes.

You gotta meter the gas correctly with the shot. Cars can have computer mods to do this electronically by adjusting the fuel tables and through enrichment valves and such.

Its not worth the time or money though.

Didn't Honda have a motorcycle with a turbo on it?

turbo's on motorcycles

All the big 4 Jap manufacturers sold showroom stock streetbikes with Turbos on them.

The Honda was the most unusual by far.. it was a transverse watercooled pushrod V twin.

All the others were 'normal' inline 4's.

Re: turbo's on motorcycles

i just trie out nos on my minibike, using a whip cream can. i hooked op a line to the intake, and the other end to the can. i also adjusted the carb to run way rich, to get the mosed benefit. I tried it, and the engine went crazy! almost knocked me oof. i had to shut it off because it was revving way to high, and i couldn't control it. then again, it was cool.

Re: turbo's on motorcycles

too bad the whipped cream was still in the can-

I bet you exhaust is a little clogged- or at least creme filled....


Re: turbo's on motorcycles

:). only a little. i hels the can staight up so not much came out. :)

Re: turbo's on motorcycles

mikeconsig /

I'd like to set up a lil fan on my Puch to get more air to it. Has anyone done this or have plans for it?

fans and oxygen

flannelman /

i was thinking of putting a fan on my chopper moped but i dont think it would help any but for looks

oxygen would be too dangerous because if you have any compression with oil and pure oxygen it will explode

and your ped will be in one state while the rest of it is in the other state

pure oxygen is some realy dangerous stuff

have any of you guy tryed that nos race gas treatment octain boost

it has nitromethane it great stuff three to six mph quicker but it a realy pain to turn your ped off after you run it

it doesnt want to shut off i had to drain it the bowl on the carb turn the gas off and it still wanted to run

it really great stuff vooooo0ooo0ooo00oo0o0om!!!!!!!

Re: fans and oxygen

huh< even with the ignition switch off? that means that the heat from compression alone is ignitiong the mix. that some seriously scary shit if thats true.

Re: Running when off!!

I was going to ask if he was pulling our leg. That's seriously crazy.

it true its true

flannelman /

because the heat alone can start this stuff on fire i think it was made for hot running cars

but it might have been a flook i dont know my ped is broken and i dont have time to repair it right now so for right now its true

it also smell funny when it burns sort of like a jet motor it realy cool stuff

i think the funny part of it is that it come in a metal bottle and says on it for race use only like any in that store has a race car (i m talking about checker auto part store or csk ) race use only hahaha moped use only more like it vooom vooomm

hmm have any of you guy ever heard of this stuff call solidox i heard that if you disolve this stuff in your gas that its like putting nos on your car hmmmmm now that what i need

Re: it true its true

InfectedBootSector /

SolidOx is nasty. They use it in welding and it is some kind of material that is basically saturated in a "solid" oxygen... I think it is more of a chemical reaction that happens when the crap is burned. I've seen some pretty nasty explosives made from it.

Re: it true its true

minutemade /

nitro is cool but it burns Alot harder,one of my friends dads used to race a racing kart back then it was basicly no holds barred so they ran two gas tanks one nitro and one gas you start it up with gas then switch tanks.

Beacause you Cannot start an engine on full nitro or anywhere near it.if anyone wants to try nitro out its 55 bucks a gallon:)

Re: it true its true (Damage factor)

Flannel-- do you think that stuff has anything to do with your moped being broke?? It sounds like it burned out your engine.......

Would you fill your whole tank with that stuff, if you had the chance?? Sounds like you're drinking the stuff---! (joking)

I wouldn't think it was a good suggestion for the average moped rider though. Too much chance of damage.... someone was saying alcohol based fuels also are death for 2-strokes. Gasahol, etc .

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