1960’s Honda CM90/91

Looking at buying one of these. Not a moped, but a small motorcycle almost a scooter. I’m talking to a guy selling his 1966 in really clean and great running condition. Looks like he’s replaced some cosmetic stuff with original parts so looks to be mostly all original. Says the only issue is the kick start doesn’t work. I’ll have to figure that one out as it’d be nice to use. Anybody know much about these old bikes? I know they’re supposed to be nice and are super popular worldwide. Worth buying? Thanks

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I own the later version the C90e Cub. If the kickstart isn't working then it can be a major job to fix. Best place to join is the Honda C90 group on FB (UK based but lots of C100, CM90/91 owners) David silver spares is best place for parts genuine OEM. They are in UK and in US. The engines are easy to work on. What you need is a complete bike with no major missing parts. Make sure it has the correct carburettor. As it's hard to source in complete condition. And if it's the electric start version that it works. The kickstart is likely a spring or at worse a stripped mesh gear. Both can be sorted. And ensure legshield is not split or missing. Near impossible to find as genuine OEM.

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Jonathan Shulman /

Leg shield is missing. Asking $1,000. Is that too high? I see in excellent condition can be worth around $3,000.

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i dunno what the going rate is in the US for them here that would command perhaps £600-800 depending on how rough it was a mid condition runner perhaps £800-1200, in mint condition, better than showroom.. £2000-2500 ($2250-2750) and yes missing correct leg-shield is an issue, even here where they seem more plentiful its a difficult part to source. as it was unique to that particular model the electric start version especially. well they did sell them from 1959 until 2002 in different variants here.. if you want a honda C series bike best to look for a passport 70. lots more spares available, was sold all over the world as the C70. there are even body panel repair sections available. the main thing with these bikes is rear frame rot, under the fenders, and rear shock mounts especially. it is one place to double check with a fine tooth comb.

The other option is to buy a brand new Honda C125.. as they now sell them in the USA as well as here again since last year.

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> Jonathan Shulman Wrote:

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> Leg shield is missing. Asking $1,000. Is that too high? I see in

> excellent condition can be worth around $3,000.

No way in hell I'd pay $1000 for a 90cc Honda that needs the cases split to fix a Kickstarter. I bought a titled 1966 Honda S65 for $125, got it running and found out it needed the cases split and sold it for $400. And it took a while to sell.

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to be honest though its fine if you are handy with wrenching. i can strip and rebuild those small horizontal honda motors in under a hr from a pile of parts, as long as its all there and you can source the parts, it wont be a huge issue to rebuild the motor and refurb it, but if not it can prove expensive to get someone else to do it.

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I see now you're in Littleton. I briefly lived with my dad in Stapleton a couple years ago and I know the market for bikes out there is crazy. If it has a title, I wouldn't pay more than $700 for it as it sits.

Splitting the cases isn't the end of the world and I've done much harder, it's a step above mopeds for sure though. Paying someone else to do it will probably mean you'll be in too deep financially.

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The leg shield can be found in Thailand (ebay.com search), but there repop, and tbh id be dubious about the quality of them, i know i bought a set for my C90, and it was so bad i binned them, and went and got a NOS set of proper Honda ones and the badges, even if it was 4x the price.

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