i think i broke it

Chris Couillard /

how hard is it to replace a nc 50 transmision cover with the wined up spring on it

and are these trannies subpost to get real hot like burn your leg hot

i hate this dam moped it one head ache after another

what i need it one that doesnt ever break lol but i know they all do

well at least i got alot of extra part for this thing

Re: i think i broke it

Chris Couillard /

just to let every one know i got 2 nc50 moped s and i do love my moped all though they are a real pain in the ass

and prety so i will have 4 nc 50 mopeds all 78s and pretty good shape

Re: i think i broke it

Yeah... most any parts attached to a moped motor will get... "burn your skin" hot... thats normal if you ride it very long in warm weather.

But I don't know much about Expresses at all.

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