Indian Mira starflake mags brake shoes

For those of you with these wheels, what brake shoes are you having good luck with?

I've used these ones so far:

And they've been a giant pain in the ass. After grinding out the round slot on the shoes to get them to fit the post, I then had to add material to flat side of shoes to get them to sit out further so they weren't starting adjustment maxed out. And then, after getting the spacing issues figured out and getting them tight, they lose the majority of their pressure in a 15 minute ride. The friction material wears that quickly. And also, they didn't come with springs so finding ones that actually have enough tension to snap the shoes back to rest position and are small enough outer diameter that they don't stage on the center part of the wheel.

I know it's just mopeds but there's gotta be an option that isn't this much of a pain in the ass for a shitty result.

I just got these wheels powdered super sparkle purple so I really wanna run them, they look sweet. I wanna upgrade to disc once I can afford it. It's on a variant sle-x so it's got kinda shitty forks but with all this sweet fairing that I needa figure out adapting to better forks that can handle a disc setup.

Re: Indian Mira starflake mags brake shoes

If you have the original shoes you could send them off to have them professionally re-bonded.

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