?one way bearing for Vespa


so as luck would have it I mounted this new baby on my bravo and neglected to grease the bearings and ate the bearings. But now I pressed them out with an arbor press and now all I need is one or two one way bearings and it will be a pedal start moped ready for say a mlm water-cooled head.

Is there a flaw in this plan?

Re: ?one way bearing for Vespa

Did the transmission shaft get messed up when the bearings gave out? Are you running 2 one way bearings in the clutch?

Re: ?one way bearing for Vespa

The pictures I posted were of the clutch housing with the stock bearings pressed out. So no bearing at all are in there. I plan on taking that and a functioning rear tranny to a bearing shop and seeing if they can find a one way bearing with the same od and id as the original needle bearings. And if they exist I'm wondering if I should put a single one way and two one way.

So I'm posting it to see if anyone else has tried this or is planning on trying this etc etc. I suspect a one way this size may not exist.

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And nothing happened to the shaft. The bike wouldn't idle unless it was on the stand. It would stall at a stop sign as it should if those bearings won't turn.

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I wasn’t having any luck finding a one way bearing that will work with a 13mm shaft. Treats says the bearings in the clutch are HK1312b which is 13mmx19mmx12mm

I found this one but it’s a standard size

1/2x3/4x1/2 the metric converts to .512x.748x.472. Will .012” smaller dimension on the shaft work?


Re: ?one way bearing for Vespa

Yea so far that's what I also found on the internet. So I agree , my hopes are high and expectations low. I've now been taking apart and reassembling all my collection of rear clutch pullys etc so I finally understand some of the issues.

Re: ?one way bearing for Vespa

Dirty30 Dillon /

I feel like there are enough other options for Vespa where this should be an issue.

You can buy multiple brands of pull-starts, and even factory kick starts. If someone produced a decent derbi pull start I would ditch the one-way in a heartbeat

Re: ?one way bearing for Vespa

find a new one, press it in, if everything else is ok, shud be fine. carful not to squish the bearing case thing. is there more to this? i might just buy a new cutch. they're cheap now.

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