Bing carb slides?

What is the difference between the slides for round bing carbs. They come in # 4, # 8, # 24, # 25 and # 26. I think one is shorter then the other so the slide opens up all the way but I'm not sure

Re: Bing carb slides?

Probably Fred /

Mostly just #41 and #24 for 12-15mm bings and numbers is for cutaway and you can sand your own cutaway making larger 41slide has a air hole which you can add to any slide

You you really don’t wanna have a slide open much past full carb bore because that creates turbulence,

So it’s hard to set it up with your cable because making a corner you may not necessarily have slide correct open but a lot of times you have to back off a bit so the slide is even with the top of carb bore not much recessed into the top,

What do you need to do is turn the Bendy in/adjust the bendy some in some so your carb slide hits it and it is pretty much even the top of carb bore not much past @ full throttle, to adjust bendy cable guide you have to remove the choke lever

Re: Bing carb slides?

That's the info I needed. Thank You Much

Re: Bing carb slides?

There are many Bing carb and part diagrams on Myrons mopeds

Info Puch-Carb-Parts-Names-600x562.jpg

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