New Scooter Owner Honda NC50


Hi all, I recently purchased a 1979 NC50 from a local. It’s all original, right down to the tires. Odometer shows just over 1000kms, and I believe it to be accurate. The scooter spent its life ferrying miners through a mine in Cape Breton ad has sat around for the last number of years. So far I’ve got a few parts on order (gaskets, cables, oil line, petcock) but otherwise the bike is in amazing shape and I’m looking forward to really getting into it. The funny thing is, I’ve never been on a motorcycle or scooter once in my entire life. I bought the scooter to restore for my oldest daughter but after picking it up she decided it looked “sketchy” and now all I want to do is buy a 70s style helmet and pull into the local Harley meetups and pretend like I belong. I’m sure I’ll have some questions along the way but there’s my story, looking forward to following along the forums and maybe one day having an idea of how to fix up this old scooter!

Re: New Scooter Owner Honda NC50

Welcome to the 2 wheeled world. Enjoy and be SAFE! Great bike to begin to learn.

Re: New Scooter Owner Honda NC50

I have the same little hogget and I really is a fun little ride. Oh yea, dont but a 70s style helmet get a real full face helmet.

Re: New Scooter Owner Honda NC50

Ryan Anderson /

Good point, safety over style

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