Winter maintenance

Hello all, winter is coming and I am new to mopeds. I was wondering if there is any maintenance that I should do on my pa50l before it comes?

Re: Winter maintenance

I learned to turn off the fuel and let the carb run dry. During the winter.

Re: Winter maintenance

Probably Fred /

> Les B. Wrote:

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> I learned to turn off the fuel and let the carb run dry. During the

> winter.

I do that ^ (carb run dry) if the bike isn't going to be used for a week or two also,

Most winters by me are relatively mild so there’s some nice days throughout those three or so months that I ride to the store or whatever so I don’t winterize anything,

But yeah Connecticut probably gets a fair amount of snow, wind and cold so for months of storage in unheated garage or shed that gets below freezing and or freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw yeah lot to do like completely wash/clean the bike, Maybe fogging oil in carb while running or 2t oil, then drain the carb,

I’d change trans gear fluid because if there’s any water or moisture in it it can make ice and expansion could do damage, I’d grease everything that is supposed to take grease with new grease, Wipe every metal surface with some kind of wd40, oil or wax, armor all type stuff on seat and plastics,

Lift the bike/tires off the ground clean and use tire dressing, maybe cover the bike with a cover

Some pa50s have batteries so you need to remove the battery put in a warm area and trickle charge every month

Re: Winter maintenance

Fill the fuel tank until no more can be added . That way no condensation can form to start rust . If you don't run premix , add some 2 stroke oil to the gasoline . It's an excellent fuel 'preservative' .

Close the petcock ; drain the carb and lube any exposed non treated metal , like the chain , if you have one .

Armor-all vinyl and throw an old sheet over the bike if it's inside or a vinyl clad cover , open at the bottom , if outside .

Re: Winter maintenance

Yep full tank of stabilized fuel, close the petcock and run the thing until it dies, (this will take a lot longer than you think with the Honda) then try starting it until it will not even pop. Clean it up and cover it up, store inside if in any way possible. Been doing this for over 20yrs now and never a no-start in the spring.

Re: Winter maintenance

^all that or keep riding on the nice days (gauge your own level of 'nice') just be cautious of ice, I always treat anything that looks 'wet' as ice so there are no surprises. Dress same same as if you were snowmobiling but make sure you have good lights and maybe a couple of those bicycle/joggers flashing light armband thingies because other motorists are not usually expecting a bike on the road.

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