Asheville, NC - 2 free mopeds


I have been contacted by a lady in Asheville, NC that has two Motobecanes she is looking to rehome to someone that would like to fix for themselves or someone that can use the parts to fix their own mopeds. She does NOT want to give them to someone who is looking to make money off of them.

The blue one appears to be a Euro model and the other black one appears to be a Le Moped. The owner told me that the blue one "Ran When Parked" so I would suspect it should just need a weekend and some elbow grease. She also said that the black one has never run consistently while in her possession and looks like it may need some variatior parts at a minimum. She purchased them from Briton Bees some years back. If you have a real need, are actually going to pick them up and have a way to pick them up, send me an email at, and I will pass your information on to her.

Re: Asheville, NC - 2 free mopeds

If I still lived in Asheville I would absolutely grab these mopeds. The folks giving these away are fantastic people.

I also know that when they rode these bikes regularly they loved them.

Re: Asheville, NC - 2 free mopeds

Hey that one has an av10 with pipe. That's neat.

Re: Asheville, NC - 2 free mopeds

Bikes are currently pending, with 4 others in line. I will post an update when they have been picked up.

Re: Asheville, NC - 2 free mopeds

How excellent

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