Duluth Potholed info?

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Just wanted to spark the attention of someone to get me details on this event. I’m old and resist F-book. But I will come back to Duluth for anything damn near, best place in upper ‘merica :-)

Re: Duluth Potholed info?

You and me both. I had to ask a buddy to register me for this year's ride. It's pain the butt and I wish they'd be more forthcoming with info on MA. Maybe contact Luke Kackman, lukek@mopedarmy.com, to get yourself registered. Luke had organized those rides in the past. (edited)

Re: Duluth Potholed info?

There's a facebook page for it with all the details on there.

Re: Duluth Potholed info?

Not everyone uses Facebook. That's the point.

Re: Duluth Potholed info?

The ONLY people I know that use facebook are mainly female . And , not a single one has anything to do with mopeds .

I play a game there , but not much else .

Re: Duluth Potholed info?


Someone just forwarded me this. Registration and info in there.

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