Re: My buddy Jerry's express with the pump up sorting and release to start

Marc Friedman /
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It's working with Jerry locating a unit on eBay. I also purchased the large cog unit with the spring that preload is required to set the release foot ( that's where the two red dots described in various clymer books etc line up on that mesh gear. Then is preload. Well the replacement was preloaded to where the two machined bumps come all the way around to where the hold mechanism is set on the same mesh gear as the two red dots. Well that much human rotation of that spring is unoptainable by our mortal limbs. But I believe a splined something that will catch and rotate counterclockwise of the OTHER END OF THE CHAIN ROUTE or the smaller sprocket with the spring that really makes the engine turn over.

But I have pondered why suddenly after years of perfect service one day kaput...

I noticed that there is possibly side to side play on the various shafts. Honda didn't have them ending in any sort of bearing just the casting of the cover is the limiter of one direction and on the kick start side seems to be ...the Kickstart with a bearing through the cover. All seemed to maybe move. These shafts weren't super whatever because they are in play only while starting. But I did want to shim them because the little shaft with the holding spring fits into the cover in a way that allows at least on Jerry's unimpeded movement. So I'm thinking that it's this slop that precipitated the failure and would reaccur in not addressed.

But again I need to figure out how to preload to the point of the unit that we bought on eBay that works.

This is a bit rambling but if I can figure it out I will put this sorely needed item in the wiki. The idea of converting this to Kickstart or some other infamy is impossible to accept after the elegance of this kick wind release that while this isn't a moped. Yes, Ken. But the express is a part of the bearing moped army heart.

Later comrades.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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