QT 50 Graphics

Since none of my QTs have side covers because of running metal mesh cone air filters, there really is no ID saying QT on the bike. So I had these made up at my local sign shop to my specs. The little original YAMAHA sticker on the horn/relay cover was already gone when I got 2 of them so that's why they're on that location. Just sharing with ya'll.


Re: QT 50 Graphics

Jack Rutherford /

sweet! print out a bunch and offer those up for sale

Re: QT 50 Graphics

Bob Naske /

I was thinking about it Jack, but the lettering is quite narrow and if somebody is in a hurry they'll pull the letters off when they take the backing off before transferring it. Probably have some black ones done on the next batch so when I get my yellow one I'll be ready. (But by then the letters will be all dried up !)

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