Brought Another One Home

1985, Runs but not to my satisfaction. Broken footrest assembly, missing lots of plastic, headlight and cluster bulbs inop, one brake cable seized, original tires shot, prob needs brake shoes. speedo face cracked. Does have clean tank, good seat cover, chrome decent. Did 345 miles round trip to pick it up. So this is QT number 4. Have 2 reds and 2 blues. Still searching for the elusive yellow one.


Re: Brought Another One Home

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I’ve got 2 red and 1 blue, sold a yellow awhile back. I’m still looking for a black one. They are great bikes!

Re: Brought Another One Home

It's a, congrats on your find. These ARE great little bikes, so overbuilt, I have an Express as well, seems kind of flimsy in comparison, only downside seems to be the brakes, mine really suck, but really dig the shaft drive and real kickstart, also the big boy brake levers etc. Slowly phasing out of mopeds, but really think I will keep my QT, it's black, but not an og one painted over red. You guys know these things, I have the Boysen reed block, cone filter, no idea what jet is in it, only rode it twice 'cuz of the brakes, but just registered it and was looking at the better than stock pipe on treats, think that would be a good combo with the reeds? It was pretty quick, but never had it wide open, as again, weak ass brakes. I've got to pre-mix as po un-did oil pump. :/

Re: Brought Another One Home

Jack Rutherford /

nice work and a bit of driving. I used to do a bit of driving for these things as well but I guess after so many trips, I've taken a break from the long drives. I had a yellow one once. Only one I ever saw. Just had a black. Let me count - 1 black, 1 yellow, 2 reds and 4 blues. I always thought it was more fun to take a neglected, abused non-runner and get it going then build a performance beast - something about taking a non-runner and getting it going and road-worthy. Of course, increasing performance is always fun - that first mlm pipe put a huge noped smile on my face. Although I'll complain about it at the time, it's kind of fun to look back and wonder what the PO was thinking when he did this, that or the other. Or when they were too cheap to buy the right part or maybe tried to repair it pre-internet when parts might have not been so easily located.

Re: Brought Another One Home

I think the farthest I ever drove to pick up a moped was about 60 miles. There were just so many peds around 15-20 years ago, I didn’t need to go far. Some people actually brought them to me!

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