Moby 50v (81") Le Partie cdi confusion

I'm (trying) to build an 81'50v with a LePartie cdi. I have the ignition "part" nailed, the bike starts easily idles smooth, revs/runs excellent.

However, I'm having a HELL of a time getting all the accessories (lights/horn/brake lights) to work simultaneously. I have a brown wire that sends power to the horn and brake lights, and a white that sends power to the headlight/tail light, and speedo lights. All wires, switches, and ground have been meter tested for function. shorting, and continuity.

If I put the output wire from the regulator to the white (that sends power to the head/tail/speedo lights), all those function perfectly with the light switch on top of the headlight, but I have no power output for the brown (brake lights/horn).

If I send from the regulator to the brown, the horn and brake lights all function perfectly with their proper switches, but again it leaves me with no power source for the head/tail/speedo lights.

I made a y-connector to try to send power from the one source (regulator) to both wires, the headlight/tail light/speedo light all stop working BUT flash with the horn button or either of the brake light switches ....

WHAT'S WRONG??!!???!??!

How do I get both systems wired from the one power source without the brake light/horn switches turning on (flashing as used) the head/tail/speedo lights?

Re: Moby 50v (81") Le Partie cdi confusion

Bad ground methinks. Did you wire your ground directly to the frame? Or to the engine? If going to the engine you need to wire a ground strap to the frame...

Just an idea

Re: Moby 50v (81") Le Partie cdi confusion

Kenneth Hill /

All grounds to the frame, even the one that normally mounts at the horn, I made a piggy-back lead to the frame (as opposed to grounding to the fork).

Re: Moby 50v (81") Le Partie cdi confusion

Mobys were wired up through the master switch so it would back feed and sound the horn (by voltage differential) if the switch was OFF and you start to pedal over the motor. The voltage differential part (12v one side 6v the other) is a goodly idea only if you have two power sources, otherwise you just have a short circuit.

TIme to get rid of the master switch from hell. Hardwire the lights (because you should have lights all the time so other motorists do not squash you) and run a hot wire to a new to you 12v horn (dc if you are using a regulator/rectifier) and from the horn to a horn switch which is 'ground to sound'.

Re: Moby 50v (81") Le Partie cdi confusion

Kenneth Hill /

Everything working now except the horn (should have that soon. I was lucky enough to have an (electrical "Guru") visiting for a few days. MY next plan was to swap the wiring out for a complete 6v harness and switches (as I've successfully wired that setup in the past).

I'm kinda "annoyed" with Treats that they either haven't TOLD (in the item description of the Le Partie) that there's this issue OR made available an optional/additional lighting coil to solve the problem.

Don't even ask (me) for a schematic or explanation as to how it was solved, as what he did was WAY beyond my understanding of general electronics, but once he get's it "mapped" , I know he plans to share it.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Re: Moby 50v (81") Le Partie cdi confusion

Just T off the yellow wire to a switch/button to a 12v horn

Easy peasy

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