Exact size of dellorto bushings

Im going to design some intakes and wanted to know the exact size of whatever dellorto bushings anyone has. such as if someone has a 16 id and 21 od bushing its not exactly that size. Im mostly looking for digital micrometer readouts such as 15.92mm id. and 20.96od

Re: Exact size of dellorto bushings

Dirty30 Dillon /

Hundredth's of a MM are no going to matter anyway, that is the reason you have the bushing to begin with. It would be best to machine to nominal size.

Re: Exact size of dellorto bushings

yeah plus its plastic and wafer thin so its not gonna be perfectly round, especially if you go clamping a mic on to it.

if your making an intake for an SHA you'll probably want to do 19 mm that is the most common size

Re: Exact size of dellorto bushings

Shim is only there so the clamp on the carb can actually grip the intake, for a goodly seal you need to use a oring at the carb to intake union.

5/8 x 13/16 x 3/32 oring is a great fit into the 14mm carb sizes, 11/16 X 13/16 X 1/16 oring will suit the 15mm SHA.

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