Help importing moped from EU-NL question

Hello Moped Army,

I tried searching the forums for more information but did not really get the question answered. If this is something every noob asks, terribly sorry.

tl;dr I heard it is better when I import my half restored 1969 49cc Honda moped to leave it as parts? What other issues do I need to watch out for when importing the moped from the Netherlands to the USA when it has not been assembled? Anyone have any experience?

More details:

A couple of years ago I moved to the US from Europe leaving most of my stuff including my 1969 Honda CD50. I miss her and want to bring her to the US. Other family member is shipping 1/2 container from NL to US and can put my moped in it. Currently, it is in parts as when I left, I was in the middle of restoring it with a new powder coat on the frame and replacing the motor block (49cc) after the bearings blew. It has been in the family since the 80's and I am only the 3rd owner so sentimental value is there.

I have some questions and could use your advice:

(1) When I import it, I heard it is better to leave it as parts or would it be better to try and assemble it before I ship it?

(2) I read online that when importing a vintage moped it needs to conform to EPA regulations but given it is in parts, I do not think I can get the documentation (the cylinder is still detached from the rest of the motor block).

(3) Any additional suggestions or experiences? I do not even know who to contact when importing it. Once I have it, where I live, I do not need to register it as it is <50cc.

(4) one of my friends is getting rid of his moped and was maybe interested in importing it as well but it is running. This would be more difficult I believe. Also, would want to drop it from his semi-legal 69cc to a 49cc so don't need to register as a motor cycle here. This is not as important to me though.

Again sorry if this is a common thing people ask, just do not know where to turn. Thanks in advance Moped Army!

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