Kick pedal help

Hello fellow brapers. My honda pa50l is currently being a bitch to start. All weekend has been awesome with in in lovely block island. Made a double seat for her and she surprisingly can push me and my girlfriend on the back. Pretty funny sight. Anyways it dosnt have a key so I have to kick start it every damn time and is been impossible to start latley. I cant get any leverage on the pedal. I think its bent. Any one else out there have a similar problem?

Re: Kick pedal help

I'm confused, how does having the key have anything to do with whether or not you have to pedal to start it?

Sounds like your pedal arm/shaft is bent, look at it and see. Also you don't have to pedal to start it. Push it with the decomp pulled in, let go and keep pushing and it'll start. Just make sure the engine is engaged by the transmission lever.

Re: Kick pedal help

Eli Holmes /

Ya I forgot it dosnt have a battery and awesome I'll try that thanks

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