Kinetic moped identification

Hello Forum members new member here my name is Mark looks like some cool stuff and knowledgeable people on this forum. I just picked up this kinetic moped for 50 bucks been working on it a little bit waiting for a rear inner tube tire does not hold air I just put on new fuel line and fuel filter filled her up with 91 ethanol free fuel and klotz snowmobile oil at 32 to 1 and she came to life pretty easy smells real good with the klotz oil to. Enough rambling for now I cannot find a model number on this thing can you guys tell me what it is the tag on the head tube says kinetic and 1999 that's it


Re: Kinetic moped identification

Josiah Radebaugh /

What you got there is a Kenetic TFR. I'd suggest 40-50:1 oil mixture. (edited)

Re: Kinetic moped identification

^ Prob fine, but you can run out the mix that is in there with no issues, the no-ethanol fuel is a bonus, not required, but well worth it if you can get it.

Re: Kinetic moped identification

Nice score!

Re: Kinetic moped identification

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

That's a pretty great find for 50 bucks.

Re: Kinetic moped identification

^ agreed, does it have paperwork if it is required where you live?

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