Quick Honda PA50l upgrades?

Hello all, I just purchased a 1978 PA50l the other day and was wondering if there are any upgrades I can do to it to make it go faster that are free/ dont cost to much. I know this is the harder PA to upgrade but was wondering if anyone had any ideas? (edited)

Re: Quick Honda PA50l upgrades?

Free? Remove the cages around the rollers on the variator. Air up tires to 40 psi.

Re: Quick Honda PA50l upgrades?

William Johnson /

not much you can do for free. You can do some work with a dremel/grinder/drill etc, but will still need to buy pa50 II parts to see the difference. The restricted parts are your variator ramp plate(weights are lighter too), exhaust, cylinder, intake, reeds, and carb.

Re: Quick Honda PA50l upgrades?

lose weight, both you and on the moped

port and polish, but depending on how old the gaskets are, they might tear and need replaced when you take it apart

a pipe and jet will be your cheapest and most rewarding.

Re: Quick Honda PA50l upgrades?

I have an unused autista kit for you that will be a cheap upgrade if u do all the conversions to pa 2. $50 plus shipping . Pm me if u want it. Then u will need a pipe and a carb. I have a carb too.

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