Octane boosters

Does anyone use octane booster and or lead additive in there mopeds? Just wondering if they might help get rid of four stroking on the higher RPMs.

Re: Octane boosters

Its used to prevent detonation in high compression motors.

Re: Octane boosters

Probably Fred /

Higher octane would make your bike four stroke more but if you were able to run regular 89 leaded fuel like the kind that these bikes were designed to run on they would run way better and cooler at RPM,

Tetraethyl lead was a great a upper cylinder lubricant and would help keep seizures down to a minimum, aftermarket Lead replacement is not Tetraethyl lead for that’s the most poisonous/toxic thing you could have, a paintbrush full painted on your forehead would give you permanent paralysis/a vegetable for life,

Leaded fuel is available at some small airports but it’s around 100 octane and it’s got other light end additives, designed for airplanes which would make your bike run worse,

Re: Octane boosters

No, not ever.

Re: Octane boosters

4 stroking at high rpm - check your jets or ignition timing or heat range

Octane booster and/or lead additive are for 4 stroke engines.

Re: Octane boosters

unless you boosted your compression to 15:1 you don't need octane.

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