Dellorto Carb for Motobecane

Im taking the other casey's advice and looking into a Dellorto carb for my 78 motobecane 50. I found two for sale, a stock and a preformance. The preformance costs just a little more, but does anyone know if it will be too much for my bike or cause problems down the road. These are made for Tomos Targa's, and i dont know much about them.

I really dont care for that much speed or power, but if its only gonna cost a little extra im intrested in knowing if i should try it or sticking to standard. Thanks for any advice.

casey jones

Re: Dellorto Carb for Motobecane

Matt Wilson /

Did you look at

They have a doppler kit for 70 euros that includes a 15mm dellorto carb, airbox, and 15mm intake.

I just ordered the kit for my peugeot and I should have it by the end of the week. However beware that they didn't have this kit in stock and it took 3 weeks for doppler france to send it to them.

They also have dellorto carbs and intakes for roughly 55 euros.

You should check them out, I've been very happy with their service and prices.


Re: Dellorto Carb for Motobecane

I am very pleased with my 16mm Deltoro carb, I bought the Malossi kit with the intake with it to. the only problem is that it came with a size 82 jet so, It is getting way to much fuel and wont idle and reallt bogs out from the start. I have ordered 3 new jets for it already though.

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