Thoughts on this Bike?

Don’t know if it runs or not but what would y’all value this Honda at?


Re: Thoughts on this Bike?

$150.00 if it runs. offer to haul it off if it's dead

Re: Thoughts on this Bike?

Something off about that front tube or forks?

Re: Thoughts on this Bike?

1.) I only see one of the three plastic pieces for air box. Not to mention filter, cage, screws and brackets. Runs best with entire air box assembly, unless you are kiting the motor.

2.) Gonna need a seat cover.

3.) Fuel tank is actually a seperate oil tank and fuel tank. They are notoriously rusted out between the two.

4.) Uses a wind up clock spring to start that will eventually break. No replacements except used.

5.) Original parts are not easy to find for these.

6.) 30mph stock is all you will ever see.

7.) Transmission design prohibits regearing

8.) 14 inch wheels are less than stellar. Ditto on suspension.

9.) 140 lb. weight limit iirc. Its on i.d. tag on frame.

10.) I DONT see petcock or fuel line from tank.

11.) It has no muffler.

12.) Throttle cable is about to break off. Those are hard to find.

$100 if it runs.

Tires do look new though. (edited)

Re: Thoughts on this Bike?

Thanks a lot guys for the quick reply it’s greatly appreciated! Lady I spoke with wanted $250 and I haven't even seen the condition in person yet but based off what Motörhead listed on what the bikes needs, the bike to me doesn’t seem worth the price especially when the end results isn’t much to strut around on even when restored I think ima just pass on this one and put a little more cash in my Hobbit Project

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