I need an engine!

Anyone got some good ol 2 stroke moped engines that run? I'm looking for one that will need little to no modification for a 1980 Sachs. I also need it to be chain drive, if it's a little bigger of engine that's fine with me, Thanks!

Re: I need an engine!

You are stuck with a Sachs if you want to have to do no modifications

Re: I need an engine!

Eli Stuart /

I don't mind modifying it but it would be nice to to have to.

Re: I need an engine!

Dirty30 Dillon /

It would also be nice not to have to pay taxes or brush your teeth, but here we are

Re: I need an engine!

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Tell us what Model bike and motor you need, more info is needed, Not all Sachs motors are created equal.

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