Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Hi All,

I finally found a cheapish ($350 USD) Moped that looked interesting as a project and still in good enough shape that I had something to work with. Seller ID'd as a 1977 103. I went and took a look and it's actually in very good shape & appears all original. Says she's been riding it since she was a kid and she's 53. It was registered in NY last in 2008 and I think Peugeots older than 77 are not on "the list". So...the plate on the front lists the model as a 103 VS and the ID # is 7 digits ending in 77. On the front of the head tube there is another sticker that says 103 VSL-47

This Moped has a rectangular plastic light, chrome front bumper, front and rear shocks, a vareo, no speedo, no horn or kill switch. It looks exactly like the photos of the earliest 71 103's I have found. Any help figuring out its details would be greatly appreciated..

The tank is miraculously rust free and I was able to get it to fire and run for 10 seconds or so by squirting some premix directly into the carb intake (fuel line disconnected). I will have to disassemble/clean the carb and flush the tank, but It appears to be a runner.

I'm sure I'll have more questions but first and foremost is figuring out exactly what this is.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Russell Huddy /

Your tag indicates it’s a 1971 103 lvs

Not sure what the question is

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Euro-spec, that rack is awesome! (It's not a bumper) Great find!

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Larry Baltz /

All of the 103s with that style tag say the exact same thing "receptionne par le service des mines a beaulieu le 7 juil 1971" meaning " "Received by the Mines Service at Beaulieu on July 7, 1971"

This phrase is common for all machinery certified in France prior to 1983: "Mining is a term used to refer to the "receipt" by an industrial and mining engineer of any motor vehicle or trailer before it is put into circulation by the manufacturers ; these manufacturers are "receiving" vehicles mass produced."

I had thought perhaps the last two digits in the ID # might be the year but that isn't the case.

Is there any way to ID the year other than visually ?

Now that I know the tag is generic for the VS model, I think the additional decal refers to the sub model "LVS" which accounts for the front and rear suspension and chrome front fender. No horn or speedo though...

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Larry Baltz /

Thanks! I think it's great as well.

Do you suppose this bike was privately imported to the US?

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

The 7 July 1971 date is when the design was submitted in France for homologation as a cyclomoteur for legal use on the roads in France and not the year that specific bike was manufactured, very likely the seller was not BSing you and it could be a 1977 Pug.

Here is a copy of the homologation docs for the bike if you are interested in that perhaps...


Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Why the almost OCD interest in the exact year? Parts are interchangeable and you have a previous registration so who cares? Just go to the DMV with the 08 reg and call it the same 1977 and be done with it.

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Canadian model, same as the euro model. Most likely came from quebec. When I lived in NY state I used to get all kinds of crazy french bikes that were only sold in canada, including a rigid yet variated euro 103, as well as a full set of Raleighs and all kinds of crazy mobys. New York is a great place to find french bieks

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Larry Baltz /

Hey, Thanks everyone for the replies. The amount of accumulated information and knowledge on this board is incredible.

Yeah, I do sound a little OCD though I'm actually more ADHD (it's the hyperfocus part showing). I do like to know what I've got and for me the older it is, the cooler it is. This model wasn't produced in 77 according to the Peugeot lit I found online and I think with no brake light, NY would have frowned upon it. I only have the old license plate, no paperwork at all, but I will register it as a 77.

After washing oil out of the bottom of the tank and float bowl, and flushing the filter and carb with some fresh premix, it started and ran like a champ. Lights even worked on a test light (both bulbs were bad).

Thanks again!

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Larry Baltz /

That makes a lot of sense. Canada seems likely.

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Ugh the headlight racks melt my heart every time... Nice find for 350.

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Larry Baltz /

> Dan (high idle) Conway Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Ugh the headlight racks melt my heart every time... Nice find for 350.

I loved that right away as well. I have so far only seen them in photos on 102s...

Re: Nailing Down Peugeot 103 year/model

Larry Baltz /

Went to the NYS DMV to register my new old moped today with all paperwork that is required according to their website, including signed bill of sale. They sent me away for lack of two forms that the seller needed to sign. Form MV51b attesting to the reason for no title/transferrable reg. Form MV51attesting to the sale of the vehicle to me. The signed bill of sale was worthless as far as they were concerned.

Next came the questions about the model #. 103 VS (from the ID plate) is NOT on the NY list of certified models, nor is the 103 LVS model from the frame decal (they advised I bring photos). The VIN is not enough digits, and on and on...Next question while he's now moved to a desk and is searching the web: "Was this purchased outside the US???" At this point, I figured I was doomed. Then the guy says, "Well, it was registered before, so just get the seller's sigs on the two forms and come back tomorrow".

Saw the seller, got the sigs, no problem. Tell her the story, and she says: "Oh yeah, that for sure came from Europe. My mother worked for KLM and she brought back all kinds of stuff in the 70's as employees got free freight if the holds weren't full."

Will try DMV again tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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