My newest love affair (QT50)

Hey guys, I have been back into bikes as of the past couple months and have picked up probably the nicest moped/noped I've ever had. I now own this beautiful 1980 Yamahopper QT50. I got it with 162 original miles. It's almost pristine. I have 272 miles on it as of my last ride. I've commuted it to work twice, and just take it on fun rides pretty much daily.

Had an exhaust leak and has a slow transmission case leak. I have a couple things to address, but I love my bike. I installed these color changable LED lights yesterday and it looks very cool. I plan on riding it in the dreamcruise, and it's also my daily (has taken 2 30 mile round trip daily commutes with no problem). I do have a couple small things yet to address, so am looking forward to gaining knowledge! I plan on keeping this bike for the rest of my life.




Re: My newest love affair (QT50)

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I plan on keeping this bike for the rest of my life.

Ive said that a few thousand times.

I have basically the same bike as yours (red QT50) and they are awesome. I now have 2 more awaiting repairs in my shed (get'em while they are cheap!). These things ride so smooth and are peppy, but my only complaint is the seat. After about 10 miles im sore. Whats your take?

Re: My newest love affair (QT50)

Try a metal mesh cone style air filter. You'll possibly pick up 3-4 more MPH. They're about $10

Re: My newest love affair (QT50)

Blake Totally a real doctor /

Qt50. Best moped ever.

Re: My newest love affair (QT50)

Probably Fred /

> Blake MD No PM Plz Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Qt50. Best noped ever.

fixed it for you!

Very reliable bikes (good take off but slow top speed) if your state excepts Non pedal bikes as Mopeds, pretty hard to make a high-speed bike out of one of them though,

Pretty much one of the best campground bikes there is out there,

Great for going back-and-forth to the showers/head, the commissary or the lake to go fishing,

The owner of a campground by me had two of them for sale he used for 25 years and were maintained and clean only problem is they weren’t on the moped list that we used to have at a time so I didn’t buy for 500 bucks for the pair,

Now that the list is gone I wish I would’ve picked them up, I rode one of them zero to 29 mph was very quick

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