Hybrid conversion

Did anyone else have an idea like this yet? Im thinking of putting a hub motor wheel on a moped to use as a backup incase the original gas motor fails. The only other components you might need is a battery, controller and a throttle.

I saw a couple people couldn't get their mopeds running so they decided to make an electric bike out of it. But noone to my knowledge ever made a hybrid moped.

Re: Hybrid conversion

Dirty30 Dillon /

Seems like you will end up with a 250+ lb moped with an overcomplicated electrical system.

I think carrying a few spares would be easier than adding another motor

Re: Hybrid conversion

Yeah, I don't think there's a worth advantage. It'd be easy enough. brakes maybe a challenge, some are bicycle disk brake which could be adapted fairly easily, but good ones are not cheap. most are rim brakes for bicycles , and that's a little trickier to adapt and much less reliable, or regen braking wich you'd have to work in, I dunno, might be easy.

The advantage is probably really minimal though and cost pretty prohibitive. Still I very fully support the idea! Do it!!! like you could probably do it just trialwise for about $500 and have it set up in a day! be the first!!

Re: Hybrid conversion

I have tried a hub motor on one of my sidecars as an assist motor, made a wee bit of difference when the hack is laden, but I keep on forgetting to charge the batteries, so I drag around extra weight so it is not really a bonus.

I have also installed two hub motors onto one of my trailers, also as an assist, and I forget to charge those as well, so again no coolness on the mod really...

For a moped it makes sense to just go either electric or fuelled engine, otherwise one set up will become the millstone for the other, in my opinion.

Re: Hybrid conversion

A millstone for sure , if you forget to charge the batteries . ;)

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