NY mopeds

This article popped up in my news. Thoughts ? Laughable.



Scooters not mopeds so not too much point in reading the article

Re: NY mopeds

not a nyt subscriber but isnt revel just a scooter rental place?

Re: NY mopeds

so dumb

Re: NY mopeds

So basically anything dumb and slow is considered a moped by most of society. Its no wonder all these scooter peeps show up on MA.

Re: NY mopeds

Dirty30 Dillon /

It's not really surprising.

Re: NY mopeds

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

NYT is only worthy of wrapping fish or lining the bottom of a bird cage. Not what it used to be by far

Re: NY mopeds

I can't see the repairs not costing more than what they would make, but hey, someone gave them a loan, hopefully you can't just leave these lay around when done like those kick scooters? The lack of instruction worries me, on a kick scooter you are the only one going to get hurt, you could do some damage with one of these. I mean what's to keep some joker coming out of a bar from hopping on one and crashing into who knows what? Brave new world I guess...

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