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I can only find one company that imports mopeds into the US, SSR. They seem to be expensive pos. With the laws in NJ, are there any scooters that can be tagged as a moped? Trying to get something for our daughter when she turns 15 and gets her moped license. However, there aren’t any mopeds available, just scooters. Can’t find a scooter with pedals.

Re: NJ mopeds

You're not looking very hard.

This guy is a good dude.

I drove from Indiana to buy a 1980 Garelli off of him last fall.

Hes in your back yard.

Mopedlar sale

Re: NJ mopeds

Scooters are tagged as motorcycles in NJ and you need a motorcycle license to ride them. The only exception are 50cc and under scooters, but they require a regular drivers license.

Re: NJ mopeds

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Stay clear of SSR. Crapola of the highest order.

Re: NJ mopeds

Charles McCusker /

Sounds like you are trying to buy her a new moped? No reason for that, but you can still buy a new tomos if you had to. that or get a nice vintage puch/tomos thats easy to work on, "reliable" stock, and you can buy pretty much anything to fix them still.

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John Storms /

Not that mechanically inclined, so new it would have to be.

Re: NJ mopeds

It's not like a new moped is gonna break down any less than an old one.

Generally, all of them are pretty reliable if they are in good condition. I'd pick up one of Larry's minerelli bikes if I were you. If not, second stroke in New York sells new tomos bikes.

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