I wanted to clean the original petcock on the Bravo, but I cannot get the flow plate off to get to the nut. And I’ve never seen a cone wrench thin enough to fit behind it. Anyone ever taken one apart. BTW, I ordered a new one but , I’d like to clean, an keep it for a backup (edited)


Re: Petcock

Overpriced Parts /

Glad you ordered a new one, I don’t mess with repair of old ones much anymore only because I have an small attached garage and right by the entry man door is the hot water tank and furnace so any fumes the moment I open that door would go boom!

I had had ok luck fixing old ones before but sometimes they just will let loose and leak, luckily a while back one I fixed it started to leak while I was riding it,

If it would have leaked overnight in the garage who knows what would’ve happened,

Re: Petcock

I would suggest to keep it as a souvenir rather than try to rework it back to serviceability. I have fixed older petcocks which were designed to be demounted and fixed, there are gaskets manufactured for those ones, these ones are fabricated to be a disposable unit. They are handsome enough to look good as a conversation piece on the shrine though...


Re: Petcock

Grab the lever with vice grips and twist it back and forth while pulling. Once it's out, the plastic "hat" should pop right off exposing the nut. I've had success repairing other types by cutting a new Viton disk if the original replacement is not available. Try it.

Re: Petcock

Benjamin The Wandering Pacer /

Look for a cone wrench in the size you need. They are thin enough.



Re: Petcock

Oh... forgot a cone wrench, well the bike shop has them. It's a solid valve, it has no filter, just the plastic tube for reserve. Maybe it'll be the first addition to the new Shrine of Braaaapp. 8)

Re: Petcock

Well I got it apart! The handle is threaded, came off easy, sketched deconstruction, a quality old school part. But the part I ordered is pretty solid. Some reviews were not altogether positive, but I take them with grain of salt. It fit perfect , no leaks, doesn't feel weak , so it's a keeper, and the old one is in the. Shrine of Braaap.

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