Speedo and Magneto Output

Hi folks. 2 questions

!. Has anyone ever dismantled a speedometer? My Quickly T speedometer froze up, and caused the drive dogs to come out of the hub. Thats ok. I carefully straightened the thick, hard steel fingers that hold the speedometer together, and separated the sections. Very cool how it's made. I'll clean up the dried up grease and it should be fine. Pictures to come.

2. How do you check the mag output? Spark is fine. It's the lights and horn that are a problem.

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Re: Speedo and Magneto Output

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Well you can put a meter on it the voltage out of the Magneto should be 6 volts for the lighting and the ignition coil should put out a spike above about 4 volts.

You can check individual coils by running a 9-volt current from a 9 volt battery negative to the frame and positive to the coil it should become a magnet if there's a short it will heat up at the site of the short. You can test your high voltage coil the same way by flicking the positive 9 volt on the trigger terminal of the HT coil...

Re: Speedo and Magneto Output

I cut one in half that didn't work . It was a CEV off my Tomos bullet. It was all plastic or nylon gears. No fix. I didn't shake any thing loose from it. Myrons Mopeds suggests a few drops of light machine oil, and let it loosen it up maybe a day or two.

Re: Speedo and Magneto Output

Test the speedo with a drill to drive it to ensure it is not the cable or the drive that is messed up. Usually the older Viegel speedos have brass gears so just oubing usually frees them up.

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