Barttery /wiring 78 express without turn signals

I got my buddy Jerry (restores Norton's !!) To spring for a new batt and the treats replaceable bulb Stanley headlight replacement. He did some wire butchery. We got it together and piddled around in the dark. Gives off pretty good 6v light in fact better than the Bravo I was on. Definitely gets pretty bright when making good rpm. So here's my questions

1. I am assuming the battery is some kind of electron sink doing something analagous to a voltage regulator. If so how bright should these lights get? Or will he too have issues with blown bulbs ( yes I can try 12 v but why ) . I could throw some diodes in or say a Hobbit low beam resistor

2. The treats batt has a multi connector with a blue wire. Is that blue wire used in a express.

3. How exactly does the express batt get charged. I will post the wiring diagram later. I want to make sure the batt is getting charged so as not to waste it.

Re: Barttery /wiring 78 express without turn signals

With the battery in place you should be fine bulb wise.

Re: Barttery /wiring 78 express without turn signals

Marc Friedman /

Stephen , I hoping for sure but the butchery to the wiring and the blue wire off the battery worry me.

Re: Barttery /wiring 78 express without turn signals

I could see that, I honestly have not had my Express long enough to know too much about it, only that while getting it running one of the terminals popped off and "poof" went the headlight, brake light is hanging in there, no tail light, but not opened the lamp yet. Could have wrong bulb/be blown. At least you have the replaceable bulb, I have heard of people using 12v bulbs and it being ok...maybe the diode thing would work, I always wondered why an Express needs the battery while a Hobbit does not? I assume it charges from the magneto, someone who really knows will chime in soon I'm sure, in the meantime just monitor the charge, kind of a pita though if you tighten the seat each time. :) Best of luck will be watching this thread to learn along with you. I have also heard that even a dead battery will save the lights, it is just none that blows them, my experience kind of bears that out, but as you said why fry a new battery? My Battery just has slide on terminals, I don't recall a blue wire, perhaps your battery could be used in multiple models? Will check over the weekend if this is not cleared up before then. (edited)

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