jawa 210 49cc 2 stroke

went out for a ride on last friday. bike going well, no problems for ages, suddenly it died on me, thought it was petrol as i new it was close to the reserve point, nope. would not start, checked carb, jets, all clear. totally dead. seems to be no spark but could no see one, pushed. and free wheeled all the way home 5 miles. phew!

next day checked a few things, fitted a new cdi unit with the built in coil, which i have had for a while unused. removed the 4 volt coil and it,s wiring, no longer needed. wired it up according to jawa manual. and still totally dead. ordered a plug lead tester to check if getting any current, hard to do single handed the old fashioned way, my close vision not good these days.

i think i will need a jawa moped electrician, none in my city, i think it is beyond me, i may need a new stator or sender coil, although jawa says these stators are bomb proof and never need touching. no broken wires all screws tight on the stator, where do i go from here?? mechanical things i can do, but electrics are a nightmare. checked a few things with a multi meter. and they are also confusing to use. to many variables. paul

Re: jawa 210 49cc 2 stroke

im not comfortable with your "jawa CDI"

there were some rare late jawas that had actual CDI's but I highly doubt you've got one. Maybe you're incorrect terminology for the thyristor, but you'd still need the coil.

Anyway I'm very confused about what parts you have.

this page has about anything you'd need to know about jawas and detailed instructions related to the jawa ignition and electrics: http://www.jawamoped.com/html/technical.html

Re: jawa 210 49cc 2 stroke

paul goodman /

i used the word cdi, as when i came to spell the word thyristor, could not remember how to spell it, so i cheated and wrote cdi, as i said it is the 3 blade with the built in coil. does not need a separate coil. look it up on jawaparts.com

I think it is the sender coil. or ign. pole jawa calls it. i found some very good details on youtube, by an indian guy, easy drawings, sketches. but translations, at the bottom. i will try and find it, and post it if any one wants it. the best i have seen so far, don,t want to start unsolder parts if i don,t have to.

only 3 wires to it, red, yellow. white. just to check where they go to, on the stator. i think i have it right, but why did it just die, when it has been running perfectly, and very easy to start?? something amiss between the stator, thyristor, and spark plug.

process of elimination i guess. thanks for yout input,

Re: jawa 210 49cc 2 stroke

you threw me off with that, cuz there is a Jawa CDI, and if you had the CDI it wouldn't have worked on your bike. It's like the vespa one's.

Anyway, I take it you've got this thing:


Still, take a look at the ignition page on jawamopeds.com and wiffleball had a jawa ignition page in the wiki here

I'd be testing the voltage from the stator, probably OK, make sure it's getting the pulse too. Next guess would be the plug wire, they gotta be the 7mm line screwed into that box. Also yea does seem like maybe something's been grounded out.

you swapped to a new plug already right?

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