So confused

I'm seeing many different wiring schemes on Vespa Bravo ignition. I 've looked at WIKI , posted pics, etc. So when I followed them, it leaves the blue wire on the coil coming up short of the grommet hole. So does it matter which ends of the case I place the coils? As long as I have all wires hooked up to the points? Or did I set them wrong on the outset?

Re: So confused

I’d solder a new blue wire on your coil it looks kinda crusty in your other thread. 3 of the motors I’ve recently worked on had bad/corroded blue and violet wires coming from the engine. The one looked fine but was broken inside the insulation causing no spark, one of the others ran but was cutting out at higher rpms and the insulation was crumbling.


Re: So confused

I think you may have the coils in the wrong spots, the light coil goes towards the bottom of the engine, the coil with the blue wire is at the top of the engine.

Re: So confused

Thanks Joe .I placed it there right after I posted,looks better. Your right,that wire is funky. I double check the gauge an change it.

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