Piaggio Ciao 70’s

I bought a old Piaggio Ciao. I know that the previous owner got it as a birthday present when she turned 15 on March 1971. Now I’m trying to figure out the year when it's being made.

The serial number starts *C7V1T*

Btw, It has a variator.


Re: Piaggio Ciao 70’s

C7V1T is just the model info. There's no real list of vespa model years but as yours was bought new in 1971, its probably a 1970.

But like with all mopeds it really doesn't matter.

Re: Piaggio Ciao 70’s

Ok. How about rest of the serial number? Does it help to quess the age of the moped?

What this first set of numbers and letters tells you? I know that V is Variator.

Re: Piaggio Ciao 70’s

I just looked up what i could find on a dutch vespa forum. The c stand for Ciao and the rest of the numbers just go up each year but the variated version wasnt here that early so i've got no reference material to see what numbers correspond to what year. But its safe to addume its 1970.

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