cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

I have a Weakends pipe that looks like this:

Of course there are no rivets or screws to get to the baffle, I'll have to cut the thing open. Before I slice it open and have to find someone to reweld it, how many miles do you normally get on the pipe before it needs a good cleanout and repack?

I've had a ridiculous time trying to jet and get a bike running without blowing the temps up, so after checking for all the normal suspects, I'm down to maybe a pipe blockage or the crank seals.

So, mileage before cleanout?

Re: cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

try with no pipe and see how different it runs. I have never had to clean a pipe on bikes I run often but I've had some that built up enough to start shooting sparks.

so I dunno, around 10k mi before cleanout?

Re: cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

its nice to repack your baffle once every season or 1000-2000 miles or so. I think dirtbikes usually say about every 50 hours which is ~ 2k miles on a 50 mph moped probably.

Re: cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

I'm thinking no pipe is going to drive the temps up even more. Funny thing is that the bike runs really well through low, mid and high range. The temps can just blow up to over 400 after just a couple of miles. I know, sounds like air leak, but I've looked everywhere.

That pipe probably has close to 10K on it.

Re: cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

Hey, anyone ever try maybe cutting off the sidebleed about halfway down, scraping out the old packing and trying this?

I'm thinking a redbull can might be about the right size

Re: cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

Jack Rutherford /

I did it on an express sr. Pic too follow. The bigger the can, the more packing, the more quiet. (edited)

Re: cleaning pipes with sidebleeds

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

The link pics shows a snap ring holding the packing. The gunk inside will make it some work to get apart. Once apart, clean with Caustic soda, Sodium Hydroxide, Lye (all the same chemical). Also found in dollar store oven cleaner. Soak, rinse, repeat, till it's as clean as you wish. Done

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