Maxi Bars to rabbit ears

Hey there,

i'm running stock maxi handlebars at the moment and was wondering which bars I should purchase if I don't want to change my cable lengths.

does anyone have experience doing this exact changeover with any of these bars?

Re: Maxi Bars to rabbit ears

Why change bars at all then??

I put clubmans on my magnum and just rerouted the cables instead of cutting um.

Re: Maxi Bars to rabbit ears

I like those farmer jons. also jon Feldman is a funny guy so it makes it even more fun

I can't comment as to cable length but I think they'll all fit. The clubmans suggested definitely fit without cutting but the extra cable looks kinda doofy. Still, Im exactly the kinda lazy that wouldn't car, but unfortunately that makes me the kinda lazy that wouldn't swap bars in yer case

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