1978 Honda Express VIN number

So, im just starting the process of obtaining a title for my '78 NC50.

I purchased it about 5 years ago from a guy in my city, and my dumb ass managed to lose the bill of sale. I located the VIN number off the plate that is attached to the frame. my issue is that the VIN is only 11 characters (NC50-202XXXX). The first step to obtaining my title requires an online NMVTIS search, and all these sites are wanting a 17 character VIN code...

Any solutions here?.. am I overlooking something?

Re: 1978 Honda Express VIN number

I dont remember the year that vins became mandatory 17 digit.

But ya, ive had plenty of 50s, 60s, 70s stuff that was the same way. It doesnt have 17 digits because it was built before that system started. (edited)

Re: 1978 Honda Express VIN number

Is there some sort of conversion formula maybe?

Re: 1978 Honda Express VIN number

Depending on your state you will have to make it 17 digits by adding zeros before your original digits or talk to the bmv and or file some kind of exemption form because of its date of manufacture.

Re: 1978 Honda Express VIN number

You might consider the Vermont route .


Re: 1978 Honda Express VIN number

I have had the same issue. I showed up to the DMV here in NC and they understood that the VIN "is what it is" and still put it in the system. You cannot be the first person to register a vehicle like that - I'd go there and ask. Good luck.

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