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Hey guys,

I recently picked up a Peugeot 103 and put new cables/housing, new carb, fuel line and filter, spark plug... basic stuff, got the bike running and can drive it around the neighborhood pretty consistently but as soon as it goes too slow the motor will stop running. I can also get it running and idling on the kickstand with the rear wheel off the ground, but cannot get the bike to idle without the clutch engaged and the rear wheel spinning. is this a motor tension adjustment? or a carb adjustment? something entirely different? thanks

Re: Basic adjustment help Peugeot 103

also make sure it isn't just running away off the idle circuit - you can pull the belt off to do some idle speed testing before you get into it with the clutch.

Re: Basic adjustment help Peugeot 103

I would be looking at the clutch possibly sticking and not releasing, may be full of crud in there, if its on its stand and you apply the rear brake does it kill the engine, if so could be the clutch.

sounds like its idling fine but clutch still engaged, its not a hard job to remove the clutch but it HAS to go back correctly, you need a guide as it could be assembled incorrectly at the moment.

look here and review cheetachromes guide for the clutch

also the wiki is a good page to get your head around how the various parts work. happy reading!!

here is a very good .pdf Peugeot user/workshop manual I use lots



1979 Peugeot 103 stock

Re: Basic adjustment help Peugeot 103

If bet money that your clutch is frozen.

Re: Basic adjustment help Peugeot 103

Hi Matthew - did you ever solve this issue? I'm having the same one. Thanks!

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