funny tomos clutch probs

lately the second speed clutch on my tomos has been sticking, yes you heard right STICKING! like all 3 shoes getting wedged out against the drum! the results of this were rather funny to watch.....

i go to back pedal (to start the bike) it goes SHOOTING foward and i fall on my ass wicked confused.

i then picked up the bike and pushed it foward with the throttle wide open, it goes shooting foward like a crotch rocket & scares the shit outta me!

i figured out that when this happens (i know because i stop and the engine dies like a standard shift bike in gear) you need to pick up the front of the bike and slam it down a few times on the ground, just like if your front shocks stuck, and it will free up. im almost sure this is from worn clutch shoes, but i dont really care, im getting a new avanti soon.

just thought i might post it cuz i looked like such and idiot and everyone who was watching thought it was a riot (this happened at the barn where i have my horse).


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