Which one to build, E50, ZA50 or 103SP?

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I've got 2 Maxi Sport Mk2's, one E50, one ZA50. I've had them for around 6 or 7 years.

At first I splurged cash on parts for the ZA50 like any excited noob: DMP 70cc kit, Top racing crank, 15mm Bing and intake, Tecno Boss, kickstart springs, Atomic pucks, Teflon case gaskets and all the seals and stuff. I was scared to tackle it alone, so I got a friend who knows motorcycles and mopeds inside out to help me. We (him, I half watched and drank beer) stripped it down and then impending fatherhood took hold and it all got put in a box. I wasn't really paying attention when my friend stripped it down, so it is all there, but what goes where is unknown to me.

The E50 came a year after the ZA50. I wanted something that ran to use to go to work or a jaunt in the country in the evening. I then wanted more and bought a Tecno Circuit and a mesh filter for it. I enlisted my friend again to give it a light case match and port, again I didn't pay attention. I never eventually got around to jetting it correctly and something else got in the way.

Fast forward and I've moved from the UK to France, with the Puch's and did what most would do in the country of mopeds, bought a Peugeot 103SP. I was high on excitement and just bought it and then checked it out afterwards! It runs, but the throttle doesn't always return. I checked the slide works and moves freely, so I need to check the cable and throttle next, but a house renovation took hold.

You get the picture now, I have all the intention, but get sidetracked! Now I'm fed up of doing the house renovation and it's beautiful riding weather outside. I'm no mechanic, but I'm a practical person with a decent array of tools.

TLDR: 3 bikes and a build noob. E50, ZA50 or 103SP, which one to get me out on the road quickest?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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