Suzuki fa 50 goes only 20 mph

Ayoub Ayari /

My suzuki fa 50 ran about 45 kmh (around 27mph) but with a farting sound.

Then i let it sit for 1 year.

Now i changed the tranny oil and and a new air filter and cleaned the carb.

But now it only goes 30 kph (around 20 mph) and also with a farting sound.

I searched online and saw that the reeds on these nopeds go bad after a long term and causing that farting sound. It isnt a carb problem because i adjusted the air/mixture screw like recommended.

Is it the reeds or something else.

Please help me out .

Re: Suzuki fa 50 goes only 20 mph

The reeds in my 1984 FA50 are original and function just fine .

Try running it at top speed and applying the choke . Report what happens .

Re: Suzuki fa 50 goes only 20 mph


You have made two posts on the same issue and bike. One here and one in repair section. You'll het blasted for that for good reason.

I already responded in other thread.

These things are very sensitive to oil levels in transmission.

You either over filled it with oil upon refilling or the oil was lower than it should of been in the beginning.

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