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> ***Vanilla Thunder*** Wrote:

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> ^^^^


> i dont know what the fuck hes talking about up there or how his shit got

> too tight and melted, that is some serious user error there.


> these internal ignition coils are the bees knees. there a couple of

> things you should do before installing one though. First, get a bosch

> condenser when you order it and replace the condenser thats in it. you

> dont HAVE to, but the condensers that come with these have about a 40%

> failure rate. maybe youll get lucky and the coin flips in your favor but

> better be safe than sorry


> second, and this is a new thing ive started to notice. the points on

> these have a tendency to float at high rpm if you dont REALLY tighten

> down the screw. so before installing, take the points screw out, put

> some red loctite threadlocker on itthen put the screw about 3/4 of the

> way in. put your flywheel on, then set the points and REALLY crank down

> that screw. let the threadlocker cure, then start it up.


> take these steps and this stator will provide you with insane spark for

> a good long time. plus you get the benefit of 12v lights. you can power

> everything on a stock wiring harness with this without having to change

> anything either, because it isnt a super high wattage coil, unlike the

> treats cdi (80+watts!!!)


> if its making the flywheel tight, or melting or whatever you have done

> something terribly, terribly wrong.

All that trouble all that reengineering and you could buy a used puch 6 wire for around 30 bucks on this forum,

You may fix bikes and sell bikes but After they’re sold who knows what goes on!

I mean just buying an original condenser could be 10 to 20 bucks depending on shipping so why bother with reengineering that piece of crap aftermarket junk and adding a original condenser and bull crap to make it work!

I have my fleet of personal bikes plus dozens I sold over the decades,

The stock puch 6 wire ignition is the bees knees!

My hi-powered polini and Gila kitted bikes I built 10-15 years ago with stock 40year old stock ignitions still work great,

Ya hpi ignition with curve is best for performance but it’s not a plug in my six wire wiring that has turn signals and everything,

The cheap India cdi, Power dynamo, 1 and 2 gen hpi failed on me so many miles from home making me stuck for hrs and having to get picked up everytime so I’m nervous ever trying anything but stock ignition ever again,

12 miles for me is around the block so stock points ignition if I have trouble I fix it right on the side the road in minutes if I have a problem (but it’s been so many years that I ever had a problem I don’t even know when),

when you go spark-less on electronic ignition you can’t fix it on the side of the road unless you have a backpack full of components!

To get back on topic the guy just wants the coil to work for his Italian bike not use that complete junk India Stator,

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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