Carb size, jets Blah Blah Blah

I recently put a 70 cc kit on my 77 Garelli SSXL. (still have the stock pipe on it). I swapped in a 15mm Bing carb running a 78 jet. im guessing i am right around the 40 mph mark.

The other day, like a dumb ass, I ripped the air filter off and gave it all she had, started to top out. at which point I soft seized it..

So I obviously was shoving too much air (with no filter) into it. anywho

When looking at the fabulous moped tuning spreadsheet on treats, everyone with a kitted Garelli seems to be running a 19mm to 21mm PHBG carb..

question is: am I fine with the 15 mm bing or is that too small? is it just the Jet size that matters?

Re: Carb size, jets Blah Blah Blah

Probably Fred /

It’s not just the jetting, it can be the timing that makes you run hot too.

you should have a head temperature gauge to monitor your temperatures, it helps with tuning too.

Re: Carb size, jets Blah Blah Blah

Yes, you can run a 15 no problem..just gotta get the jetting right.

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